Driving growth through responsible SaaS spending in the 2020s

June 23, 2020

Quolum Live is a virtual event that brought together venture investors, finance leaders, entrepreneurs, and the SaaS community to discuss how companies can drive growth through responsible software spending.

Today, SaaS is mission-critical for business continuity and growth than ever before, but scaling productivity while managing spend needs a new approach to manage utilization, spend, and scale.

Watch all our six sessions On-Demand below.

About Quolum Live

June 23, 2020

Meet the speakers

Shuchi Rana

Senior Director 


Amit Pande


Aviso AI

Indus Khaitan

Founder & CEO 


Rajan Anandan

Managing Director

Sequoia Capital


Nexus Venture Partners

Abhishek Sharma



Wailun Chan


AI Products

Sriram Ramanathan



Indus Khaitan, Founder & CEO, Quolum 

Why a New Control Plane for SaaS Growth in the 2020s


In this session, Indus Khaitan, CEO & Founder of Quolum, describes why the SaaS industry needs a control plane shared across Finance, IT, and business users to drive the next stage of growth of enterprise software. Indus also shared results from Quolum’s Summer of 2020 Survey with CFOs.


Rajan Anandan, Managing Director Sequoia Capital

Abhishek Sharma, Principal, Nexus Venture Partners 

How to adapt and thrive in 2020s Black Swans


In this session, Rajan Anandan, MD of Sequoia Capital and Abhishek Sharma, Principal at Nexus Venture Partners shared a global investor perspective on the impact of the pandemic on SaaS industry growth in the 2020s, how leaders are growing with the right SaaS tools, and essential guidance on how SaaS buyers and sellers can navigate the marketplace.


Amit Pande, CMO, Aviso AI

How to de-risk real-world & SaaS supply chains


In this session, Amit Pande, CMO of Aviso AI shared a digital supply chain visibility and preparedness perspective for B2B products, frameworks that companies could use to rethink their sales supply chains, and how companies can prepare their teams & processes to de-risk their digital transformation. 


Wailun Chan, CFO, Plastiq

How to drive responsible spend: A CFO Lens


In this session, Wailun Chan, CFO of Plastiq and former VP Finance, LinkedIn, shared a finance view on sustaining growth with SaaS tools and the biggest gaps Finance teams face in enabling SaaS productivity. The session also focused on the new transformation charter for the CFO to drive growth alongside efficient capital management.


Sriram Ramanathan, CTO, Genpact

How AI, Mobility, and conversational bots will drive SaaS growth


In this session, Sriram Ramanathan, CTO for AI Engineering at Genpact and former Group VP at Oracle’s Cloud platform for bots and mobility shared new platform shifts, key trends powering an exponential increase in SaaS apps, new AI-first SaaS products likely to emerge, and how industry leaders are adopting and adapting to this opportunity. 


Shuchi Rana, Senior Director HeadSpin

How the future of Human Capital will reshape the future of SaaS


In this session, Shuchi Rana, Senior Director at HeadSpin and former head of SAP.IO’s Foundry for startups, shared a Human Capital perspective on SaaS, including opportunities and risk companies face with multi-generational talent in a “best of breed” decade, and SaaS ideas for Human Experience Management, diversity, inclusion, and culture.

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